Hanne Adam

“The most important thing to my music is, that it is always changing and it is always combining many different music genre and styles”


Hanne Adam, was born and grown up in Hamburg in 1977, she is living and working in Berlin already began very early practising music on piano, guitar and drums. She played drums in bands and later taught it. She started her first solo-recordings on an 8-track-taperecorder in the early 90’s. In 1996 she integrated computer-technology and virtual instruments and her own vocals to create her first downtempo-trip-hop music. Intense experiments on hard- and software involved transformations of sounds and samples to click and cut-elements that have become a relevant basis for the rhythmic and percussive tracks in her whole work. Recently she re-concentrated on sound-design (an integral part of her former studies) and experimental structures and textures leading to electronica and IDM, to experimental and ambient music. In addition, many collaborations such as remixes and multimedial projects are part of Hanne’s complex musical carrier. EXurban is her constant site-project.

Who is Hanne Adam?

In the music scene, I am also known as “adamned.age”,
I am a graphic-designer, photographer and musician and make music since 1997.
I am from Berlin, germany, born in Hamburg, in 1977.

How and when did you get interest on the music? And electronic music?

I always loved to make music, first I learned piano, then the drums and the guitar. Played the drums in bands… in 1996/97 I started “producing” with my computer and an 8-track recorder.
I began to sing to my own trip-hop and downtempo compositions and recorded some of my singer-songrwiter tracks. Later on, I began experimenting with software opportunities, further it came to more electronic styles.

What was the first idea that developed the sound of Hanne Adam? Has that sound changed a lot over recent years? What is your music criterion?

The sound of Hanne Adam did change quite a lot… It started with downtempo and trip-hop sounds, especially with the bigger beats 🙂
then I had a longer phase of minimal-techno influences in my music that I never released. Some day I had enough of the “four to the floor”, so I fell in love with more complex beats.
I loved the glitchy sounds, the tickering and clickering thats why I started producing IDM tunes and at the same time ambient music. Some Soundtracks accompanied my way but I came back to the more technoid and danceable music, back to more minimalistic style. But, the most important thing to my music is, that it is always changing and it is always combining many different music genre and styles.

How would you define your music?

Hard to describe I think, some keywords are “fusion” for the different kind of music I mix up, but is there a real definition for it? I think there is none.
there are a lot of repetitions in my tracks, similar moods or kind of instruments and sounds.. just those I really love or just the mood I am often in.
making music is a kind of therapy to me. To name some genre tags: Electronica, post-IDM, Glitch, E-Dub, Ambient, Deep-tech or Deep-house.

Could you describe your creative process – how do you usually go about making a track? Do you often get in the studio with clear ideas and everything well tied up or leave something for improvisation and inspiration at the moment?

In the majority of cases, I just start with a basis like something I like a lot, for e.g. a very nice beat or even a very nice sounding instrument
Then I just build up on those ideas. I have a beat, I create sounds around it, if I have an instrument, I play a lot with it, maybe got a nice melody
and building the rest around it.. I find the style and mood of the track while I compose, I rarely have the plan to create a certain track first.
Mostly it really grows til it takes shape into a recent direction.
I am working in a homestudio with Ableton Live and a lot of VSTis but quite less hardware.

What are your musical influences?


Tell me about your first set ever, do you still remember it vividly?

no, I do not remember it…

How about the changing music landscape, do you think you have evolved with it?

I guess I did not, but it is not important to me… I do not look about it.
I am happy when my music hits a nerve but I just create sounds I really deeply feel. My goal is, that others “understand” what I am musically talking about and
that they can do anything with it.

What can you tell us about your release on Amselcom?

The release on Amselcom is the first one with my real name HANNE ADAM. I released under the moniker “adamned.age” so far, so this is something different and new.
I was excited to release with them, because I always enjoyed the sound of Amselcom, I like nearly every track they relesased and I feel in safe hands, like a nice new home,
and am happy they worked this out with me.  

One tip for aspiring producer/DJs?

…just DO a lot of music! just experiment! be creative! Do stuff YOU lie and you think it never could fit together… it can!

What could you say about: pleq and Oliver Koletzki.
yeah, some nice musicians, especially Pleq is one of my favorite artists. He is not only a musician, he is a full-blooded artist!

Koletzki is a very talented and down to earth man! I like this nature of people and his music is really great!

What are you most hungry in life for?

I am hungry for live itself… living, breathing, walking… to me living like this is not a matter of course and I had worse times, so
I just enjoy to live, to compose, to create design, taking photographs also.

What is one deep thought that you have had recently?

I am often in deep thoughts… got no certain one to talk about yet.

What would be your all-time ultimate venue/festival to play at?

I am not a live playing musician yet.. I am not the person who likes to stay in the spotlight, so I am more the one in the crowd, not on the stage.
But actually I got more reasons why I didn’t played live yet, but maybe I will do it in the future…

Upcoming projects?

Yepp, always.. Solo stuff and remixes. Nothing to underline yet.

Finally, where is Hanne Adam going?

always further…..!!


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